Going back a bit.. this was a hit song in 1996, LONG DECEMBER, by the COUNTING CROWS. It was worthy of the hit it was..

And the message of the song is as poignant as it was in 1996.. a long December, days go by so fast.

Good evening, all… Night t’all.


Adam Duritz

Title: Love And Addiction (Demo)
Artist: Counting Crows
Played: 201 times


Put on your bad self,
Get out your party dress and 
Fix up your makeup, 
Try to make a good impression. 

This is a new world, 
We’re all the same here, 
Well maybe not the same,
You know what I mean.

I’ve got everything that you want.
I’ve got everything and someday I’ll be president. 
I’ve got everything that you want.
I’ve got everything and honey, are you listening?

Hey Eliza,
Now what do you want? 
I play piano 
And I sing like a humming bird, and oh, I forgot that, 
Humming birds don’t sing,
It doesn’t matter, really. 
You know what I mean.

Separate, love from addiction,
It’s not the same. 
I know, 
I see desperation pulling my strings. 

Take out your hairpins and
Lift up your party dress and
Sit back and listen for the rush of suffering.
Hey Eliza, is this what you want?
Sometimes you compromise to get the things you need.

I’ve got everything that you want. 
I’ve got everything and it’s a brand new world Eliza.
I’ve got everything that you want. 
I’ve got everything except the single thing you really need. 

Send away, 
Blood and rejection… they isolate. 
I know I see, a generation staring back at me. 
Wasted away… 
Wasted my time. 
This picture you see,
Is nothing like the one I wanted painted of me.

"Eliza says it’s all right with me, if you’re sure… 
it wouldn’t be the first time, you know, it’s happened a couple of times before and I don’t even expect much anymore and anyway… 
It’s not as if I was waiting for you to come and make it all okay”. 

Yeah but your family is gone, Eliza.

So won’t you look into my eyes… Eliza?

Shut away to ween blood and rejection they isolate, 
I know I see visions of people running over me.
Yeah, wasted away… wasted my time… this picture you see is nothing like the one I wanted painted of me. 

Put on your bad self, 
Get out your party dress and 
Fix up your makeup, 
Try to make a good impression.

um… fuck yew too? 

everybodys-satellite asked:
Hi I was wondering, I just saw the Counting Crows last night in SF and I've heard one can digitally download their new live album Echoes of the Outlaw Roadshow if they attend a show, and I was just hoping maybe you'd know anything about that, like how to do it?

I have no idea, sorry. Anybody out there know how this works?


new drinking game:

listen to August And Everything After and drink every time you hear Adam Duritz say ‘rain’


July 9, 2013 Myth in St Paul

Anonymous asked:
Hi, I'm looking for the set list played tonight in San Francisco at the America's Cup Pavilion. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

America’s Cup Pavillion 7.18

Mr. Jones
Untitled (Love Song)
Hardy Candy
Hanging Tree
When I Dream of Michaelangelo
Friend of the Devil
Round Here (Come Outside/Private Archipelago)
Le Ballet D’Or
Long December
Return of the Grievous Angel
You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
Rain King (Lippy Kids)

Richard Manuel is Dead
Hangin’ Around
Holiday in Spain


Sometimes work is cool cause I get to watch Counting Crows kill it in the pouring rain.


Adam Duritz Tells Us What Lyrics Mean To Him - Liner Notes

Good stuff in here.  I like how he just writes a song sometimes, to just capture a moment or feeling - without saying anything in particular. Just capturing a feeling.

I like how he talks about using lyrics to pull people into another world - with a sense of place.  

I love how I can go for two months without making a single post and gain followers. But when I start posting again I lose them.

sambamtha asked:
Hello, great blog! I have a quick question do you know of anywhere I can find the setlist from their performance at The Myth in St Paul on July 9th? I've been looking everywhere and no luck so far :(

Counting Crows at Myth, 7/9/13

Round Here

(Untitled) Love Song

High Life

Wish I Was a Girl


Color Blind

4 White Stallions


Start Again

Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby

Children in Bloom

When I Dream of Michelangelo

Friend of the Devil

Big Yellow Taxi

Recovering the Satellites

A Long December

Return of the Grievous Angel

Rain King


Washington Square



Anonymous asked:
Can you please reupload the last track from Idiot's Delight? The links to all of the tracks are good except for that one.. it's a brilliant performance

Sure thing.

This is a sendspace link, it probably won’t last long…

A Murder Of One - Idiot’s Delight, Wxrk, NYC (11/07/93)

Anonymous asked:
hey great site, thank you from Liverpool uk

Thanks, sorry I’ve kind of let it go lately…